Why SSA?

SAA has been assisting small entrepreneurs to start their own businesses; establishing start-up’s of sewing entrepreneurs in rural and previously disadvantage groups. SSA, although a relatively young business, is profitable from their first year of existence.  SSA is a level 4 BEE contributor.

Five years ago the main aim of SSA was to create a tool to establish start-up’s of sewing entrepreneurs in previously disadvantage settlements. In the 5 years that SSA were operational all resources were used to conceptualize and developing a viable product to enable and empower their target market.  Despite the intent to seek a profit, the aim of SSA was undeniably to create an integrated working platform and entrepreneurial hub through which previously disadvantage entrepreneurs can directly be sourced, empowered, funded in order to become sustainable business venture that directly can impact the economic growth of households from previous disadvantage groups.

It was evident over the 5 years for SAA that entrepreneurs have the skills and intentions to become successful small enterprises.  Unfortunately skilled entrepreneurs have the ability but a huge lack of start-up capital to secure their viable business to be a sustainable running concern and thus preventing many from being part of the economic growth in South Africa.  This was due to limited business acumen, resources and market linkage. The latter was directly the driving force behind SSA’s motivation to source alternative funding structures or alternative funding and or grants to secure entrepreneurial success in the lower end of the job creation market.

The current Government administration is acutely aware of the immense challenges to accelerate progress and build a more inclusive society. Its vision and priorities to address them are outlined in the 2030 National Development Plan (NDP) which outlines two main strategic goals to double the GDP by 2030 and eliminate poverty, and reduce inequality, as measured by the income Gini coefficient, from 0.70 to 0.60.

To achieve these, the NDP lists several critical factors for its successful implementation; focused leadership that provides policy consistency; ownership of the plan by all formations of society, strong institutional capacity at technical and managerial levels, efficiency in all areas of government spending including management of the public service wage bill and making resources available for other priorities, and prioritization and clarity on levels of responsibility and accountability at every sphere of government as well as a common understanding of the roles of business, labor and civil society.

SSA has proven track record over the past 5 years of being a dynamic small business with the focus on strategic socio economic development empowering women from previously disadvantage environments.

  • Intensive product development over the past 5 years,
  • Accredited curriculum level 2 Certificate qualification,
  • Owned Intellectual property and proudly South African,
  • Sewing Hub Model is a sustainable income generated tool,
  • Business has been in operations for the past 5 years,
  • Both directors have a high level of applicable business acumen,
  • Business has a level 4 B-BBEE status,
  • Stable business environment with skilled manpower.

The culture of SSA is one of passion for development, empowerment and the creation of wealth initiatives.  As part of the product development a team of external advisors was appointed to help SSA in specialized textile and fashion related thinking and product development.  The Intellectual property – I love Sewing curriculum development was assisted by specialists registered at the FP&M Seta and Cape Peninsula University of Technology Textiles and Technology lab.  It has the approval, endorsement and support of the Cape Town Fashion Council as well as the Black Business Council.  SSA has received accreditation status from FP&M Seta for the I love Sewing Intellectual property.

The management team consist of Mrs. Wilma Busse (Business & Product Development) and Mrs Hestie van Wyk (Admin & Finance), together with Mrs. Minette Pestana (Sales and Operation Manager).