How does it works?

The I LOVE SEWING® business owner will not only have the opportunity to offer world class sewing classes to any client who want to learn to sew or improve their sewing skills, but also merchandise selected basic fabrics, sewing machines, handmade products and rental of machines.  Business will be conducted by means of sales, demonstrations, interactive classes and making lots of projects using the unique, one of a kind I Love Sewing® program curriculum with projects and patterns.

The I LOVE SEWING® Business owner will have full access to all business products.

The I LOVE SEWING® business opportunity provides a viable business model & program with Business Owner Manual and framework to start an all inclusive I Love Sewing® Business.


A complete set of Sewing Instructor Guides to use in presenting sewing classes, which forms the basis of the I Love Sewing® Business owner income generation tool.


SEWING LESSONS FOR ALL: (unaccredited client receives a I Love Sewing® Certificate of completion)

A set of 32 projects with unique patterns packets (*excluding guidebooks and theory), that enhances an enjoyable learning experience and motivate the client to spend many happy hours learning to sew over a period of 4 years.  Lesson are presented by an accomplished sewer.  Client progress through and complete 22 projects (150 sewing lesson hours) to reach an accomplished sewer status.   The last 9 projects (50 sewing lesson hours) teaches “How to use an overlocker machine”.


SSA may from time to time when the opportunity arise, source basic fabrics for business owners that can be sold by Business Owners to generate an extra income stream.


SSA negotiated an opportunity for all business owners to sell sewing machines as an extra income stream.


As part of the I Love Sewing® business model, Business owners can generate an extra income by renting sewing machines by the hour to locals.

I love Sewing provides a business concept with step by step guidelines in the form of an Instructor Guide, operational and administrative framework and marketing material to help Micro Business Owners to successfully launch their business; teaching kids, teens and adults to sew.

It furthermore provides student Handbooks and Pattern Packets presented as a curriculum with different projects to choose from.  Each packet consists of 8-10 projects that is set out step by step in a handbook that includes a pattern in different sizes for each project.