It is essential to take the necessary time to ensure that you are fully informed about the business model, info parameters, limitations and what will be expected from you as a business owner.   The Disclosure Document should assist you in assessing the business and while it includes some information about your business agreement, do not rely on it as the sole basis for your decision. It is recommended that you have the business agreement reviewed and explained to you by an attorney and it is also advisable to seek accounting and financial advice on the business proposition.

Please note:  Financial projections is subject to change without prior notice and will change from time to time.  Once the agreement is signed figures and projections will be set per SSA financial year.

Policies, guidelines and procedures will be set out as addendum to the agreement and might change or be updated from time to time with or without notice from SSA.

Please feel free to contact SSA for any additional information at any time.