Business Owners Benefits

Being an I Love Sewing® Business owner offers many advantages, from training, support, various income streams together with multiple growing opportunities to grow the business.

  • An opportunity to be an entrepreneur.
  • A full support structure with all the benefits of being part of a formal structure. As an I Love Sewing® Business owner, you are in business “for yourself, but not by yourself”
  • The opportunity to empower and impact a nation on ground level. Experience enjoyment that comes from working with people and teaching the skill of sewing to other.
  • A business with low start-up costs, a proven business concept and good brand recognition throughout South Africa.
  • The benefits of an all paid time consuming research, product development and accreditation. A startup and go business.
  • An all inclusive Business package with all the tools and support that will assist you with the startup and class content.
  • A range of products and levels to keeps clients engaged and coming back to complete the next level and the next level and learn more skills and ultimately a certificate or qualification.
  • The program material and content for the business is based on South African context, developed by South Africans for South Africans. Tried and proven.
  • The learner projects and learner guidebooks are accredited with the FP & M SETA and the South African Qualifications Authority’s standards for education and training material.
  • The South African market A business geared for growth; many enquiries for sewing classes are received regularly and not enough sewing facilitators available.  All enquiries from your area will be passed on to you.
  • Ongoing support in all areas of operations from the SSA Team. Currently a southern office in Wellington and a northern office in Pretoria exist.