True Ruby Trading 1021 CC2008/062873/23 trading as Sew Southern Africa (SSA), has been in operation for the past 5 years.  The company is currently register by 2 woman namely Hestie van Wyk en Wilma Busse in a 50/50 shareholding partnership. SSA is an owner operated business.  The business was created out of innovative thinking and identifying social economic needs. The staff component who is employed by SSA consists of five women, excluding the two owners.

SAA has been assisting small entrepreneurs to start their own businesses; establishing start-up’s of sewing entrepreneurs in rural and previously disadvantage groups. Since the start of SSA their main aim was to create a tool to establish start-up’s of sewing entrepreneurs. In the 5 years that SSA were operational all resources were used to conceptualize and developing a viable product to enable and empower their target market.  Despite the intent to seek a profit, the aim of SSA was undeniably to create an integrated working platform and entrepreneurial hub through which entrepreneurs and previously disadvantage entrepreneurs can directly be sourced, empowered, funded in order to become sustainable business venture that directly can impact the economic growth of households especially those from previous disadvantage groups.

SSA is sustainable from their first year of existence.  SSA is a level 4 BEE contributor.